Author: F. Andy Seidl

Religions, Genes, Jokes, and other Replicators

God is Watching You, by Dominic Johnson

I just read The Economist’s book review of Dominic Johnson‘s God is Watching You: How the Fear of God Makes Us Human. The review suggests “Belief in divine punishment may be inherent and a useful evolutionary adaptation, helping humans overcome selfishness.” But correctly assessing causation…

Lottery Advice — Bad and Good

Bad Lottery Advice on FOX

By now, you may have heard about the bad lottery advice dished out by “lottery expert”, Richard Lustig, this Monday morning on the FOX “News” channel. “Buy as many tickets as you can afford.” Business Insider calls this “literally the worst lottery…

Straight-ticket Voting in Michigan


In politics–as in business or sports–there is more than one way to come out on top. If you’re a person of honor, solid moral character, and talent, then you work hard, compete vigorously and fairly, and succeed on your merits. But…