Moderately Newsworthy: 19 Wounded in New Orleans Shooting

I just stumbled across a story in the New York Times about a shooting yesterday at a Mother’s Day parade in a New Orleans neighborhood.  There was a time when such a story would be been BIG news.  But not now.

We’re getting rather used to shootings.  And besides, nobody died, only two of the victims were children, and it occurred in a poorer section of New Orleans, where, as NPR reports, “[s]hootings at parades and neighborhood celebrations have become more common in recent years as the city has struggled with street crime.

Meanwhile, the debates over gun control, funding education, the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, what constitutes human rights, etc., rage on between politicians that seem more like money-driven marrionettes.

I’m just waiting for someone to suggest that it was unfortunate that more people at the Mother’s Day parade weren’t carrying so they could have defended themselves.  (Motor City Madman, that’s your queue…)

Shootings at Mother’s Day second line in 7th Ward

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