Up-goer Five Idea: Can you write with ten hundred words?

Do you know about the Up-Goer Five word making thing? It is an interesting idea to write using only the ten hundred most used words. It is not easy, but it really forces you to focus on what to say. The Up-Goer Five idea came from a really good computer place that you can see here.

Up-Goer Five

Try using the Up-Goer Five thing to explain what you do–using only the ten hundred most used words. You might find it not very easy, but it can be a fun thing to do. Here is my try:

What I Do

I make up ideas for how computers do things. I usually work on ideas that seem like they are not easy to do because it seems like the computers must understand hard things, especially when many computers must work together. I try to surprise people with what groups of computers can really do. I have done this for a long time with several start-up businesses (and some big businesses, too). Now, I work for a new start-up that makes computers to search for things about money and suggest stuff that people can buy.

What do you think? Could you do it? It would be fun to see what you say using Up-Goer Five. Leave a comment here saying what you do; or saying something else. But please, try to use the ten hundred most used words only.

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