Thirty-five years. Blink.

Without a doubt, the smartest thing I’ve ever done, I did thirty-five years ago today:

Thirty-five Years Ago Today -- May 15, 1982

May 15, 1982

Thirty-five years ago, I married my best friend on a perfect Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor. We were pretty young and didn’t know exactly what life had in store for us, but we knew we wanted to go it together. We’ve managed to pack more than our fair share of adventures into three-and-a-half decades since then (and weathered a few hard times, too.) And, with luck, we’ll continue to stir up new adventures!

Our three teens continue to provide a steady stream of excitement (e.g., driver licenses, college planning, dating, international travel, summer camps, school studies, music, dance, song, sports, and of course, a touch of adolescent drama).

Carol has just earned a second masters degree–this one in French from Eastern Michigan University–and a DALF (C1) diploma from the French Government (formally recognizing her fluency). These pursuits led to some extended trips for study in France. (Which naturally led me to France a few times, too!) She’s also started a new blog: cas d’intérêt (“cases of interest” for us Franco-linguistically challenged).

After spending a couple years with several-thousand person Quest Software, and then a couple with a hundred-thousand-person behemoth, Dell, I’ve spent the last couple working for a software start-up and doing some independent consulting. I’ve continued to pursue my Mt. Rainier backpacking fanaticism, playing guitar, and have recently started kicking around some ideas for a new business or two. (I’ve even started writing some code to flesh out some ideas…)

Thirty-five years seems like a long time. Sometimes. But it also seems like a blink. Whichever way I think about it, I know being married to Carol has made–and is making–life better. Much better.

Thank you, Carol. For everything.

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