Three years ago this morning, my great friend, David OverlanderDaveO — left the party for the last time. While I greatly miss him and I’m saddened by his untimely exit, I’m grateful to have been his friend for 47 years. I think of him often. He left me with so many good memories that make me smile—and even laugh out loud as I did when I came across this old picture.

DaveO and Me -- NYE 1984, Lisle, Illinois
DaveO and Me — NYE 1984, Lisle, Illinois

This was taken at our 1984 New Year’s Eve party. Dave and I were playing some stupid game on the then-very-high-tech Mac. When Dave noticed Carol about to snap a picture, he grabbed a calculator, pulled his glasses down on his nose, and said, “Andy, quick, strike a serious technical discussion pose!” Carol grabbed the shot and Dave let out a classic Dave bellowing laugh and we went back to playing the stupid game.

I miss him. But he is not entirely gone.

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