StateOfTheDream: Resist and Persist Counter-Programming

By his anniversary in office, President Donald Trump, the great deal maker, had already managed to preside over a government shutdown. Just about now, as this post goes live, the president is delivering his first State of the Uniom [sic] address. Also right now, actress and activist Alyssa Milano is hosting what she’s calling the #StateOfTheDream “resist and persist counter-programming.” Specifically, Ms. Milano published guidelines for participating in a StateOfTheDream hashtag event on Twitter and other social media platforms:

#StateOfTheDream Initiative

OVERVIEW: On Tuesday night (6pm PST/9pm EST), Donald Trump will deliver his SOTU address. #StateOfTheDream will highlight what truly makes America great: that we come from many places, races, and creeds, and together work for a more perfect union.

Our digital #StateOfTheDream address will support our dreamers and immigrants, call for a DREAM Act, lean into the Senate, fundraise for United We Dream, and express our vision for a more inclusive, progressive America.

We will provide a social media toolkit closer to the 30th, but we also invite you to create a brief (60 seconds or less) video describing your dream for America: What you hope for. What inspires YOU. (We especially encourage those running for office and those already serving to do so!). All videos should be posted simultaneously at 6pm PST/9pm EST with the hashtag #StateOfTheDream on all of your social channels. After the video blast, you can proceed to post tweets from the toolkit or your own messaging. We just ask that you continue the unifying tweetstorm with the #StateOfTheDream hashtag.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 30th at 6pm PST/9pm EST

WHAT: #StateOfTheDream initiative

WHO: Members of The Resistance, elected officials, those running for office, any and all Americans who want to use their voices for positive change! Love IS louder.

I’m happy to offer my StateOfTheDream video here. I overshot the sixty-second target and ended up closer to a hundred seconds, but I didn’ have time to make a shorter one. 😉

I hope you enjoy.

StateOfTheDream Transcript

Good evening, and welcome to my #StateOfTheDream message.

The United States of America is a great country—and has been so for over two centuries. But, the United States has never been a perfect country.

Fortunately, our greatness does not stem from perfection. Rather, it stems from our diversity, our liberties, and how we deal with our own imperfections. Our founding fathers designed a system of government that acknowledges the realities of human nature. One that works, despite our nature.

Last year, we elected an unqualified, narcissistic, demagogue as our president. How that happened, why it happened will be debated for decades. But, it happened. And since then, he has repeatedly demonstrated his true nature. He has no understanding of (or respect for) the rule of law. And left to his own devices, he would transform America into a third-world dictatorship. Thankfully, however, he is not left to his own devices.

We The People really do have the power to change things. I am inspired by the extent, the persistence, and dedication of the so-called “The Resistance.” And I am hopeful that the Big Blue Wave coming in November will bring sweeping changes.
But, I will take none of that for granted. And neither should you. We must remain engaged. We must be persistent. Change will not happen overnight. But like tugboats steadily pushing on the bow of a large ocean liner, we can make change happen.

We must continue to resist.



Thanks for listening. Thank for resisting. And please help share this message. Thank you.

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