Party of the Insane: Today’s New Republicans

The Republican party long ago lost its moral compass. But today’s Republican Party has become the Party of the Insane. (See video below.)

Yes, there are sane Republicans. But, they are no longer in control of the party. The insane faction is pushing the sane faction to the sidelines, as they did yesterday with Liz Cheney.

The insane faction does not believe in Democracy. The insane faction does not believe in truth. Or evidence. Or fairness.

Today’s Party of the Insane believes in only one thing: holding onto power. At any cost. They have sworn fealty to a criminal dictator with no respect for the rule of law. They are systematically undermining the right to vote. They embrace lies and conspiracy theories while censuring those in their own party who speak truths.

In January, we witnessed a failed attempt to take the United States Capitol by force to overturn the presidential election results. The insurrectionists erected a gallows on The Capital grounds and were looking to hang Vice President, Mike Pence for his refusal to participate in the attempted coup. And now, the Party of the Insane denies that reality.

Party of the Insane leader Kevin McCarthy grovels at the feet of the former guy while leader Mitch McConnell says he’s ‘100 percent’ focused on ‘stopping’ Biden’s administration. Neither mind that the party ranks now include numerous liars, traitors, sex traffickers, and QAnon nutjobs–as longs as they remain useful.

If you identify as Republican and you are sane, your party has left you. It’s time for you to leave it. At least for a while. It’s the only way to get your party back. You don’t have to become a Democrat. But stop voting Republican. Stop sending them money. And let them know it.

Starve the Party of the Insane and help to restore a sane Republican Party.

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