The Cluetrain Listicle: New Clues

This is good: The Cluetrain Listicle. Very good.

It’s true.

The Cluetrain Listicle sets out a sequence of 121 new ideas–clues–about the Web. And about us. And how the two are related.

The new clues remind us of the incredible, world changing power of the Web. They remind us, too, about the proper care and feeding of the Web going forward.

Remember The Cluetrain Manifesto? If not, no matter, you’ve been affected by it; you’ve benefited from it. But if so, then you’ll appreciate knowing that Doc Searls and David Weinberger, two of the manifesto authors, are the authors of the new clues. Then Dave Winer launched the moon mission to published the clues in the very compelling listicle format.

Read it. Slowly. And think about it.



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