Too big, too small, and just right (maybe)

For some reason—who knows why; does free will even exist?—I made three exercise related new year resolutions this year:

  1. RunKeeperRun 800 miles
  2. Walk 200 miles
  3. Do a single run of at least 8 miles

Too big:  As of today I’ve run 202 miles.  That’s about 25% of the first goal at roughly 37% of the way through the year.   Which puts me on pace for about 540 miles.  I’ll probably gain on that pace now with good weather, but November and December are still ahead, so we’ll see.  In any case, goal number 1 looks like it may have been too big.

Too small: I hit 200 miles walking by late April.  So that one is done and was clearly too small.  So, I’ve added two more walking goals: 200 miles in May-Aug, and 200 miles in Sept-Dec.

Just right (maybe): I did a 6.5 mile run back in January, but I ramped up for that too quickly and ended up with a sore ankle for a month.  I’ve been mostly doing 4-ish mile runs since then.  I think I could work up to an 8-miler this summer or in the fall, before the weather gets bad.  We’ll see.  I’m not feeling real committed to this goal, at least at the moment.

Overall, right now, it seems like I’ll make my aggregate goal of 1000 miles running+walking this year, although, not distributed quite as I initially pictured it.  But I can already say I’ve really enjoyed using RunKeeper Pro to track my progress, capture maps, and attach photos.  It’s fun to look back at the routes, especially the out-of-town routes.  Oh, and getting the exercise is good.

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