What’s Next for Me: AIREX Markets

AIREX MarketsSeveral months ago, I blogged So long and thanks for all the fish about leaving my job at Dell Software (who had acquired Quest Software). At the time I said little about what I was planning to do, other than I was excited about a new opportunity and eager to get back into a more entrepreneurial environment. The day after writing that post, I joined Airex, Inc. as Chief Information Architect for the AIREX Markets.

Airex, Inc. produces the award-winning AIREX Markets, which are independent, cloud-based marketplaces that offer financially actionable apps, information, and reports (Financial AIR™) from a large and growing list of vendors globally. Through its Airex Market Partner (AMP) program, Airex powers companies across the globe, giving their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees access to a customized online marketplace of Financial AIR, to drive partners’ revenues and profits while increasing customer engagement and retention. Buyers in the AIREX Markets get financial information that they couldn’t access before, couldn’t afford, or didn’t even know existed – instantly and conveniently, with no salespeople, no contracts to negotiate, and no attorney’s fees. Vendors generate new revenues, monetize existing products, and generate higher margins in new market segments that they cannot cost-effectively reach today. Learn more at www.airexmarket.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What does a chief information architect do? To oversimplify just a little, my objective is to ensure people find stuff.

AIREX Markets comprise a vast information space. These markets already offer nearly one million unbundled, individually purchasable products from a growing list of leading sellers such as Standard & Poor’s, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, FactSet Research Systems, Morningstar, Mercer, Nasdaq and many more. Millions more products are expected in the coming months from hundreds of other vendors around the globe.

In my new role at Airex, Inc., I am focused ensuring that visitors to the AIREX Markets quickly and easily find whatever it is that they want to find. This is a huge technological challenge, but exactly the kind of challenge I’ve been tackling for more than 15 years, at Starbase, MyST Technology Partners, Quest Software, and Dell Software. I’m once again working with some incredibly smart folks–some of whom I’ve known for a long time, some of whom I’m privileged to have recently met. And, I’m once again innovating within the exciting, fast-paced context of a new venture.

So, that’s What’s Next. And, I’m diggin’ it.

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