Under God in The Pledge: Why should we care?

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I was recently forwarded a chain email message (“Under God in the Pledge” Chain Email | PDF) with the subject A Shock to NBC. You can follow the link to browse a PDF version of the message, but here’s the gist. It is a good thing to have Under God in The Pledge. And, it is a very bad thing to be (like me) in the “14%” who disagree.

After going on about the history of the pledge and how NBC was “shocked” by their own poll results (and numerous font and color changes), the message eventually closed with a call to action.

Why is the world catering to this 14%?


If you agree, pass this on.

if not, simply delete.

In God We Trust

And again I say AMEN!

Well, neither option felt right. So, instead, I replied with an answer to the question:

With all due respect, the very nature of this chain letter is designed to collect up only “yes” votes. It asks that would-be “no” voters simply delete it (and, implicitly, remain silent).

I never forward chain letters–electronic or otherwise. But I feel compelled to respond to the question:

Why is the world catering to this 14%?

The many different Churches and The State should be separated. For everyone’s sake. Our founding fathers were very clear, and very wise, on this point.

Our country was founded on the principal of liberty and justice for all.  Not all (monotheistic) religious persons. ALL.

References to any god(s) do not belong in a pledge of allegiance to which ALL citizens are expected to subscribe. Similarly, claims about any god(s) do not belong on our currency.

Every citizen should be free to believe or not believe in a god or gods, as their own heart dictates. But no citizen, or group of citizens, even if they are in the majority, should have the right to impose such beliefs on others.

It took us, as a nation, a long time to come to understand that “all” included blacks; even longer to understand “all” included women; still longer to understand that “all” included the LGBT communities. It has not yet come to understand that “all” includes the non-religious–but it will. Social change comes slowly, but it comes. And we are all the better for it.

I’ve had no further reply. Perhaps, that means we all agree. 🙂

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