George Zimmerman Wounded in Shooting Incident

George Zimmerman Wounded in Shooting Incident

George Zimmerman

Surprise! Not.

George Zimmerman, once again, is back in the news for a story involving the (mis)use of firearms. This time, it was Mr. Zimmerman on the wrong end of the gun. And with an ironic twist normally reserved for soap operas or “B” movies, this time it was George Zimmerman wounded and the shooter claiming he acted in self-defense.

I’ve blogged about George Zimmerman several times, and I’ve made two specific predictions. The first has already come true; the second, fortunately, has not.

Perhaps, Mr. Zimmerman has simply had a run of bad luck. But more often than not, I’m afraid, people make their own luck. Will my second prediction prove correct? Will George Zimmerman be involved in another firearm-related death—his own or somebody else’s? Again, I sincerely hope not, but if history is any indicator, it seems quite plausible.

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