My Latest Project: Open Source Newspaper and Newsletter

As a long-time software entrepreneur, I’ve developed a fascination with—and a reliance upon—the open source software industry. For years, I relied on RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and a variety of other sources to help me stay abreast of the latest industry news (and gossip!). Over time, as open source gain greater and greater traction, I found myself spending more and more time just trying to keep up.

Recently I turned to the service to help automate the process of finding the most interesting news, articles, and blog posts–all things open source–and producing a private, daily briefing that I could quickly review every morning. And the results have been excellent. I feel better informed despite spending less time (typically around ten minutes) each morning reviewing the news.

FAScination Daily: Open Source

FAScination Daily: Open Source

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In the spirit of open source, I’ve made my daily briefing freely available as an online newspaper, FAScination Daily: Open Source. There is also a free email newsletter that delivers a daily summary of the newspaper’s top stories via email. And, of course, you can subscribe via RSS.

As its name implies, the paper is updated daily. New editions are published every morning, seven days a week, at 8 AM (Eastern time). And, the online paper, email newsletter, and RSS feed are all ad-free.

If you share my interest in open source, I invite you to visit and have a look around. If it looks interesting, subscribe to the free email newsletter and help spread the word by sharing this post on social media or with anyone who might be interested. In any case, I’d love your feedback, especially if you have suggestions on how to make the newspaper more useful.

And… Happy Pi Day!


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