Author: F. Andy Seidl

F. Andy Seidl is a serial entrepreneur, software innovator, and technology business advisor with over thirty years of experience. Most recently, Andy is a founding partner at Advantary LLC, a full-service management accelerator that provides interim CxO services to early/mid-stage companies. He also teaches a course on Digital Product Design at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship. Andy is passionate about building software to last, playing guitar, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, running, and critical thinking. He is Dad to a son and twin daughters with his incredibly accomplished best friend, business partner, and wife of 36 years.

47 Traitors?

47 Senators' Open Letter to Iran

The Republican party has lost its moral compass. Yesterday, 47 U.S. Republican senators sent an open letter to the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The letter, which was the “brainchild” of freshman senator, Tom Cotton, was designed to undermine…

Recognizing a Software A-team

Software A-Team

I just read a thoughtful article, Revisiting XP: be a thoughtful programmer by exercising more collective ownership. The article discusses various recommendations for building, and being part of, a high-quality, high-performing–and highly-enjoyable–software development team. This is what I call a “software A-team”.…

ALICE Training: Are Our Priorities Right?

Exceptional Ann Arbor Public Schools | ALICE Training

This morning, as a parent of children attending Ann Arbor public schools, I received an email concerning “ALICE training” from the superintendent, Jeanice Kerr Swift, Ph.D. But it makes me wonder, are we really focusing efforts and resources most effectively? Today’s…

Did Brian Williams Lie?

Brian Williams

Well, that’s the big question isn’t it? We all now know Brian Williams’ recent account of being on a helicopter that was shot down is not accurate. But did he lie? There is a difference between being wrong and being…

Orange County Measles and a Song

Measles--United States, 1950-2001

Orange County, California — great weather, affluent communities, thriving businesses, the original Disneyland Resort, and a measles outbreak. By now you’ve probably heard of the Disneyland measles outbreak. As of yesterday, at least 87 cases of measles have been confirmed across…