Author: F. Andy Seidl

F. Andy Seidl is a serial entrepreneur, software innovator, and technology business advisor with over thirty years of experience. Most recently, Andy is a founding partner at Advantary LLC, a full-service management accelerator that provides interim CxO services to early/mid-stage companies. He also teaches a course on Digital Product Design at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship. Andy is passionate about building software to last, playing guitar, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, running, and critical thinking. He is Dad to a son and twin daughters with his incredibly accomplished best friend, business partner, and wife of 36 years.

Thirty-five years. Blink.

Carol and Andy -- May 15, 1982

Without a doubt, the smartest thing I’ve ever done, I did thirty-five years ago today: Thirty-five years ago, I married my best friend on a perfect Saturday afternoon in Ann Arbor. We were pretty young and didn’t know exactly what…

Intimidator-in-Chief Takes Aim at the Cast of Hamilton

President-elect, Donald Trump, our Twitter-wielding intimidator-in-chief, has turned his ironic rage toward the cast of the Hamilton musical. Last night, vice-president-elect, Mike Pense, attended the musical Hamilton. After the performance, actor Brandon Victor Dixon (who plays the character, Aaron Burr), recognized Mr.…